Our CSR Strategy

We launched Fair Play – GVC’s global responsible business strategy – in October 2018. Following a year of internal and external consultation, the emerging strategy sets out our priorities and activities across three
important pillars:

Safer Gambling – leading the industry in providing safe environments for customers to enjoy their gambling experience;

Responsible Employer – becoming a destination employer where all colleagues can thrive; and

Responsible Communities & Markets – ensuring we leave a positive footprint in the communities and markets we serve.

Each pillar comes with its own objectives, activities and policies, and together, we hope, they add up to something greater than the sum of their parts. The three pillars are supported by our Responsible Business Operations, providing the day-to-day
foundation on which we run our business. Aside from guiding our responsible business activities, Fair Play also acts as the framework for our responsible business disclosures.

Recognising the sea change in public expectations and our ambition to lead on responsible business, we plan to refresh the purpose, mission and vision of GVC in the year to come. While retaining some elements of Fair Play, we will up our game further, setting out a long-term strategy revolving around Always Backing our Customers, Colleagues and Communities (ABC).

For more details see our latest CSR Report.